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F R E A S D A L : The Brahan Seer

Unique to the Gaelic language of Scotland, the word "Freasdal" means simultaneously: Destiny, Providence, and Inheritance, and hints at a pre-Christian definition of an unreasonable God dispensing a fixed future beyond human morality. This is the story of "Scotland's Nostradamus", the Highland Soothsayer Coineach Odhar, known as The Brahan Seer. Burned alive for witchcraft in 1675, his detailed predictions inconveniently defy scientific explanation but continue to come true. His story raises the tantalising possibility that human consciousness is not bound to time and space, but raises also various dilemmas of causality and fatalism, for instance: when the doomed highlanders at Culloden found themselves fighting on a moor that Coinneach Odhar had predicted a century beforehand as the setting for their demise.

While sceptics wish Coineach Odhar never existed, "Freasdal" deals with the overlooked probability that a real human being might have uttered the predictions, and perhaps suffered greatly as an individual in order to attain immortality in the collective tradition of his people.