U L T R A M E T A : a fractal novel

Alexander Stark, a respected University professor has gone missing, apparently suffering from amnesia. Soon handwritten letters begin arriving at his wife’s house, in which Stark seems to adopt multiple personas (a down-and-out, an amnesiac murderer, a nightclub songstress, a paranoid single mother), each suggesting suicidal or homicidal behaviour.

Years later, the professor reappears at his wife’s house in a confused state, and together they read over his collected letters. “Ultrameta” (the name Stark gives his private world, his city of the mind) is Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, London, Rome, New York, a restless and haunted place where human identity is constantly being eroded, social division is simmering, and truth is a dwindling commodity. Perhaps Ultrameta is where we all live, and sleepwalking; are each its unwitting guards and prisoners.

Simultaneously both novel and short story collection with a structure like russian dolls, Ultrameta is the suicide note of a madman. But beneath this deflective surface it also stages a calculated assault on society and our perceived reality.

Ultrameta can be purchased at Amazon, all good online booksellers, Glasgow Waterstones Sauchiehall St, and directly from Eibonvale Press:

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